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4/25/08: It's been awhile! The site has undergone some much needed visual changes, hopefully for the better. The most recent fanarts will be added soon, and hopefully a new page or two in the near future. Thanks!

10/27/07: I'm sorry to say this, but I'm going to have to take another hiatus from the comic to allow for some sanity in my schedule. I'm not giving up, though!

10/13/07: Page 38!

9/29/07: Page 37 is up.

9/22/07: Updated with page 36.

9/15/07: Yay! Update! Page 35 is up.

9/7/07: Unfortunately, there will be no update this weekend as things are a bit hectic on my end. Updates will continue as planned next week.

9/3/07: This weekend was busy! Page 34 is up.

8/25/07: The comic was updated with page 33.

8/19/07: Due to some unexpected circumstances, the comic was updated Sunday instead with page 32.

8/11/07: The comic was updated late with page 31.

8/4/07: The comic is back and the plan is to continue updating a new page every Saturday. For the moment, here are pages 28-30.